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Question On Pop-Up Blinds?

I am looking to purchase a pop-up blind. Curious though, since they are so warm especially for bow hunting in Texas, does anyone ever have trouble w/ critters getting in, (i.e. snakes, scorpions, etc.)? I also am curious do people that own pop up blinds use them year round or seasonally. I am curious if people are starting to swing toward the pop up blind due to versatility rather than a fixed permanent stand that is where it is? Any response or insight would be greatly appreciated, and will definetley help me make a good decision. Last question, which pop-up would you personally recommend? Thanks in Advance.

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Question On Pop-Up Blinds?

Since I live in Northern Michigan, I can not address your question on snakes and scorpions, but I have never had any critters of any kind in my pop-up blinds, I only use my blinds during hunting season. I like them because I have trouble sitting still (health and age issues) and they hide my movements. They do restrict your vision and need to be brushed-in for good concealment.
Last year on the opening day of Pennsyvlania's gun deer season, it put down 2 1l2" of rain!! I was snug and dry in my Double Bull blind, while my cousins got soaked !! Two days ago it was very windy and I was comfortable in an Outhouse pop-up blind because it blocked the wind. Of course, a well built permanent blind is even better, in MHO. As to particular products, the only two that I have used are the Double Bill blinds and the Outhouse blind. I have had three Double Bull blinds and loved the first two. I currently own the Double Bull 360 Matrix and have had nothing but trouble with it!! The Outhousde blind is quick and easy to set up but rather cramped. But it is much less costly than the Double Bull. I am currently contemplating building a permant blind in a trailer that I can move around as I change locations. I am also going to build an elevated permanent blind on property that I have permission to hunt. I really, really like elevated blinds!!

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Question On Pop-Up Blinds?

I bought a pop-up a year ago at Wally World. I used it for the first time this fall. I also didn't have any problems with critters getting in.
I shot my deer useing it this year. It didn't even know I was around.

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