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Been a long time since I've

Been a long time since I've loaded for anyone else but I had the same rule as critter. I either have your gun or I don't load for you. I don't shoot anyone else's reloads in my rifle's either.

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If that 5 shot group was with factory ammo I'm willing to bet you could tighten it up a bunch with some reloads tailored to your rifle.
Good shooting either way.

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Im going to breake the ones I

Im going to breake the ones I bought at the gun show down and reload myself and see exactly what is wrong. 

Biker that was with Hornady 168 mach rounds. Saturday i went back out and found the rifle dosent like winchester 180 super X at all, best I got with those was about 6" group and 8" low. Had a box of Uncle Ted 180 thad shot prety good but they are expensive at $44 a box. Last was a box of Hournady 165 SST that grouped about the same as the mach did on the first outing. 

I think once I get so 308 dies Ill be able to make this rifle shoot better than I can.

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