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Question concerning concealment placements

Hi guys, just found this forum and let me say I'm very impressed! I've been looking for a great place to talk with other hunters and to share valuable information reguarding wonderful whitetails. I'm not really that knowledgable on hunting whitetails due to the fact that my father nor both my grandfathers weren't hunters. With living in Wyoming County, West Virginia (a bow-only county), and from watching buddies of mine drag absolute MONSTER bucks out of the woods each year, I figured why in the heck would I want to waste living right in the smack middle of this prime area of bowhunting. I got my first bow over the holidays, a Parker, and I've had it set up by my local Archery Shop, so I'm good to go in that concern. Now comes the tricky part. I have an area that I know deer as present. I've seen them there with my own eyes. My question is this, how do I go about setting up the area for a successful hunt. I've been reading up and researching as much as possible about Whitetails, so I do have my feet wet. What do you suggest as far as the next step. I located the area during the prerut this year, and I saw tracks, treescrapes, and ground scrapes. What should be the next step? Should I then place feeders in the area? Set up a trail cam? After locating the area and identifying signals that deer are present, along with seeing deer come from there with my own eyes, what next? What do you experienced hunters suggest?

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Question concerning concealment placements

Because I don't know your home state of W. Va I'll leave the answers about stand location and such to others. But I will say this. To be a successful, respected hunter, devote as much time to recognizing and taking only good accurate shots as you do to stand location.
BTW, welcome aboard!

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