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Question about WV small game season

is it legal in WV to hunt small game (squirrel) with a .17hmr when it is not gun season for deer. The regs say
It is illegal to...
use shot larger than No. 4 or solid ball ammunition, except
for .22 caliber or smaller rimfire during the buck deer
season in the four counties closed to the buck season.

What does this mean?

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Question about WV small game season

Sorry I can't help you, but welcome to the forum.

I'm sure someone here will help you out though.

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Question about WV small game season

yes, you can use a 17cal to hunt small game. The shot size and caliber restrictions apply to the counties that do not have a firearms buck deer season. This is to reduce the temptation to shoot a buck while small game hunting in those counties . No sportsman would be out hunting squirrels or rabbits with a 270, buckshot or slugs anyway. Laugh

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