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Will a 300 Remington SAUM bullet in 150 grains be enough for elk???

Any input will be appretiated. Thanks Big smile

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Re: Question???

150gr accubond will do just fine, But i am a bigger fan of 180gr bullets for 30 caliber magnum rifles.

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Remmington 30-06, 180 gr

Remmington 30-06, 180 gr trophy bonded bear claw......... Wink

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Re: Question???

I'd say yes generally, but it really depends on bullet construction. Don't use a frangible bullet at high velocity on heavy game. That's asking for trouble.

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Re: Question???

I agree with HOGGETTER use the 150gn Accubond.

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Re: Question???

I used 7 mag 160Gr. accubonds on both elk I killed they dropped on impact and were done.

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prhunter, 150's should do the


150's should do the job, my preference for .30 cal is the 180 gr. But then it all shot placement anyways

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As Ajo said shot placement

As Ajo said shot placement will make any bullet work.. Is the reason you want to use a 150gr bullet because your gun shoots the best groups with it or because you like that weight the best? I would step up to the 180gr. Not sure if you have tried a heavier grain bullet in your gun or not.

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I'm sure a well placed bullet will do fine, but like others have said here, I go with a 180gr in .30 caliber for Elk as well, leaving the lighter bullets for deer. I happen to use the Nosler Partitions, but get a good penetrating bullet like mentioned above as well.

Good luck.

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If you pick up a reloading

If you pick up a reloading manual that has a balistic table in it you will find that the magnum calibers were designed to shoot the heaver bullets for better performance of game.  The light bullets will work but then why did you buy a magnum rifle speed isn't everything. 

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use the 180's

use the 180's

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