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A few days ago I pulled that 4 1/2-14x scope off my 6.5x06 and replaced it with an old 3-9x I had laying around. It's a very good scope but that BDC reticle is just way to distracting for me. I shoot a lot better with the 3-9x. I bought that Nikon because it was all I could get nearn here, if 35mi is near! I also got a good price on it as it was one they had forgot to mark up and had an old price on it. I have shot some very good group's with it but I really have to concentrate and try to avoid those little circles. The biggest reason I got it was for the target turret's, those I wanted and still want them. Now I an shooting it better again and it really does balance a lot better without that big scope on it.

Here's the question. Why in the world would any manufacturer put a reticle like that in a scope with turret's? It would seem to me that someone wanting turrets is going to use them and then there is no reason, no matter how poorly concived, for that reticule. You shoot at something at 400yds, you range it and move the crosswire's for a dead on hold. You range something at 461 yds and there is no little circle to tell you where to hold. You range something beyond 500 and again no circle to tell you where to hols.

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I used to have a cheap stevens model 200 in 22-250 for coyotes that had a burris fullfield II that was 3x9 that i just loved. Even with the price of 250 ammo I was shooting every weekend at least 40-60 rounds. Eventually i started using a bipod to really hone my grouping for summer when i would use it on gophers. Summer came and I vaporized every varmint within 200 yards. Then another hunter was telling me about how he used a 22-250 on antelope all the time with great success. I thought it was light but tried it with 168 grain power points. I shot those for about a month and was very consistent out to 300 yards and figured if the ballistic plex was on at 300 I wasn't going to question it at 4 or 500. The day came for our hunt and i had the ballistics on my rifle for that bullet and that scope. It showed if i was zero at 100 the first mark was 200, second at 300 and so on in that order. The time came for me to make a 500 yard shot on a bedded doe on a calm sunny day. I laid the gun down on the tri pod and took my time to execute my shot. At that point the body of the doe was hidden by sage brush but I watched her bed and knew there was nothing else there. I relaxed and tried for a head shot. First round out was high by 2'. Second in the same spot, third shot she stood up and I tried for vitals and missed by the exact same scale. From then on I figued that was too much of a difference to simply ignore and now I opt for the turret style scope or no scale/adj at all. That may be Nikons way of keeping thier customers satisfied for any outcome.

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Re: Question

Busy reticles are a gimmic for those people who don't want to practice shooting. Kinda like the super-duper magnums are supposed to make critters more dead than regular dead. confused?

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