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Quantity not Quality: Colorado Elk early Muzzleloader GMU's

Looking to get some suggestions for GMUS displaying large amounts of ELK during Early Muzzleloader season in Colorado. I have read statistics, however: I just want to hear what people have seen first hand. If you have specific areas in mind, could you please send me a PM? Please remember that this is for the Muzzleloader season in early Sept. Large cow herds are fine, we just want to see a large quantity of animals.

Thanks for your reply!

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Quantity not Quality: Colorado Elk early Muzzleloader GMU's


Any motel in Estes Park should do nicely......just leave your room door open and you can nail one in the parking lot! (the constant bugling may keep you awake though)

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Quantity not Quality: Colorado Elk early Muzzleloader GMU's

All muzzleloading tags are by draw only. There are a few unlimited areas, but these units tend to get hit pretty hard. Considering how far you plan on hiking in, there are a few area, most specifically within the Routt and White River nat'l forest, which includes the White River herd. Lots of animals and lots of hunters. You'll need a point or two to get a tag in these areas.
Typically, the elk aren't herded up into these big herds until later on.

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I agree with Boobzilla, they're generally not real bunched up until later........when they all meet up on private property. Laugh Your odds of getting an elk are probably better when they're not herded up. When they're spread out a little you should have a better chance of seeing and hopefully, getting an elk. When they herd up they're either there.....or gone. If they're gone they can be hard to find, especially w/o tracking snow. A lot of times, in the late seasons when they're herded up, you're hunting for stragglers that haven't moved to private land yet. A lot of square miles with few elk. During muzzleloader the heat is usually a bigger issue. Look for areas with some altitude, shade and water. I start looking on the north sides in thick timber.

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