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Unless you just want to waste

Unless you just want to waste your 1 PP, put in for a hard to get unit and then put unit 7 as your second choice.  It's 100% draw, has plenty of public land, as well as over 20,000 acres of easily reachable WIHA land under the state of Wyoming access yes program.  The best hunting is within 20 miles of Newcastle and it has everything you need to do the hunt, including gas, restaurants, and a game processor 8 miles north of town on Hwy 85, if you don't want to do them yourself.  I've made maps for several people and they have had great hunts there, but I'm out of the map making because it takes too much of my time and money for printer ink.  If you go onto the G&F website and highlight "HUNTING" over on the left side of the homepage and then click on the "Walkin HunterAccess" section it has all the areas. Then click on Weston County and you will see the maps available.  Click on map #2 and enlarge that to see all the WIHA land available (pink in color).  The white is private land and all the other colors are state or Federal lands that are open to anybody.  Also, I will have to disagree with the one comment about driving around.  That can be done to some extent, but the best way is park and walk in a mile or more off the roads and use the lay of the land to do spot and stalk hunting.  Also, go the second week of October and leave opening week to the crowds.  The goats will still be there in good numbers, but you will need to get in off the roads to have a good hunt.  Also, do your applications online because it is basically the foolproof and expedient way to submit your applications.  You can do it as an individual or apply as a party by following the easy instructions on the website.  Good luck!!!  PS:  I have hunted out there since 1994!!! 

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thants good stuff

that area was one i have been looking at.  Thank you for reassuring me that atleast im on the right track.  When I first did this post, when I said walk a lot for our bucks, I should have said spot and stalk off the beaten path.  I was also looking at around Thermopolis (i think i spelled it wrong.)  Thanks everyone for the help.  If there is any taxadermist out there that you guys would recommend, let me know.


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I will have to read more

I will have to read more about New Mexico also.  I knew most of the antleope were on private land down there but was not sure how the system worked. I have nor spent enough time on the NM website and wanted to be sure I didn't get a tag I could not use.

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If you shoot a buck that you

If you shoot a buck that you want mounted, give Jim Marsico a phone call up in Cody (307-587-9443).  He did mine and is rated as one of the top taxidermists in the country.  In fact, he did an antelope diorama that is in the Smithsonian Museum in DC and that takes a lot of skill to even be thought of for that place!!!  He also has stuff in the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum and does all of Jim Zumbo's animals.  His main love is sculpture and that makes his taxidermy work even better.

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Here are a couple good

Here are a couple good links:



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I am also thinking of doing

I am also thinking of doing an antelope hunt in Wyoming sometime in the next 2 years or so. 

I have some friends out here that have done it for a couple of years in a row and been pretty successful. 

If that fails, I have family that has some land there, and occasionally has some lopes eating in their back yard... lol

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I went on a antelope hunt

I went on a antelope hunt last October and had a great time.  Definitely easy to fill everything out online.  We went in area 7 and saw lots of animals.  We were told the numbers were down from previous years but we had chances at decent bucks everyday.  We just camped out in the Thunder Basin National Grasslands.  We picked up maps in the town of Newcastle.  We hunted ony public land and walk in areas.  Didn't have problems with too many hunters as we didn't get there until a few days into season after the first weekend. 

 I also found this site later that would have been a good idea though I am not sure if they are compatible for your GPS. 


 There was also a great taxedermist North of Newcastle.  They cut up your animal there and froze the meat for you until you left.  My uncle is getting a mount done there but he hasn't recieved it yet but they take care of the shipping for you.

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