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Purchase Decisions - What influences you?

When you are purchasing a new bow how much does advertising and pro-hunter's use/endorsements affect your purchase.  I admit that the hype that goes with some bows does influence me.

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I have never been one to

I have never been one to listen to all the hype that comes with a new bow every other year when they come out.  It also doesn't matter that Joe Super hunter killed a 600 point bull elk with it either.  I have also never figured out why some people need to run down the the store and buy a new bow every year just because there is a new one on the shelf.  They don't do it with the rifle that they hunt with or the optics that they have on the rifle or what they pack around their necks.  The first compound bow that I bought was in  the late 70's and I used it until 1996 when I final bought a newer one, and that one is still the bow that I pick up to head up into the hills every fall. 

Sometimes I think that it would be a lot simpler if I would just forget about the compounds and pick up my home made recurve and cedar arrows and use that instead. 

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The only people I really

The only people I really listen to in that situation are my friends that are out there hunting.  I would never take the advice of a "pro" hunter, or any TV personality.  Most of my friends use a good variety of bows, so there is no shortage of opinions among my fellow hunters.

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I bought my Mathews because I

I bought my Mathews because I like its quality, the way it feels and the accuracy and smoothness of it.  I have had PSEs Hoyt and Bowtech bows and I prefer the Mathews.  Not saying it is the best,, but it is the one I prefer.  Others will prefer other bows.

But I also believe that watching hunting shows where the Mathews is featured somehow affects, perhaps subliminally, my perception of the Mathew's line.  Just a theory, but  fortunately I love the bow for all the reasons I mentioned above.

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As far as what the "pro

As far as what the "pro hunters" are using does not matter to me one difference.  I shoot what feels best to me.  I spent hours at the bow shop shooting all bows until I found the one that felt the best to me.  But my second factor in buying a bow in their customer service.  Hoyt has great customer service so the decision was a no brainer.

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Customer service is very

Customer service is very important and Mathews excels there too.  I had a Hoyt and it was a super nice bow.  What model Hoyt do you have?  I had a long ATA one because I was shooting fingers, but I switched to a release and now shoot a short bow.

I can't say that my Mathews is better than my Hoyt was - they are just different and like I posted earlier it comes down to personal preference.  Funny how some guys get real serious about their bow choices and want to bash other bows. I think they are all excellent bows (at least the major manufactureres) and it doesn't make any sense to denegrate one bow over the other.  I think some people just like to argue.

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Well, the first bow that I bought was purchased because of the expendable funds I had available.  It was a Jennings package that I ordered off of Cabelas.  I didn't know the first thing about draw length, draw weight, or anything else for that matter.

After several seasons of hunting with that bow and learning more and more about having the bow fit properly, I saved up enough money to get a nicer bow (see "stupid stuff" thread).  It was a Mathews Switchback and it fit me like a glove.  Looking back, I only bought that high-end bow because of the aggressive salesman that I was dealing with.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the bow, but I know now that I could have got a lot more for my money.

After that bow took a tumble, I took it back to the same guy that sold it to me and was trying to find out if there was any chance of it being repaired or salvaged.  The guy actually laughed at me (in front of other customers)!  He lost a customer right here!!!

So, I started asking around about other bows and learned of another shop that was closer to me.  It only took one visit to that shop to become a Bowtech customer.  Not only did I like their product but, more importantly, the customer service was/is TOP notch!  That is very important to me.  I still spent quite a bit on my Guardian but I did so knowing that I can go to this shop and just shoot the breeze or get anything I need for my bow or hunts.  The guy is honest and doesn't try to push you into a bow.  He actually has you shoot as many bows and your arms can stand and then will send you on your way to think about your decision.

Customer service is what sells me now!!!

On a side note, I read this today and thought it was appropriate to this topic and decided I would pass it along:

"Kevin and I are super excited to start our very own direct selling archery company
“K & K Archery”!

K & K Archery will have up to ten dealers. We will be selling 1500 limited edition bows in two different models. We will begin taking orders ASAP, if you would like to place your order to insure your one of the lucky 1500 please email kevin@stingraystabilizers.com we are still picking out what camo pattern we like best for the 2011 line, when we decide you will be the first to know! Our website should be up and running by November 1st as well.

K & K Archery’s Warranty: Limited Lifetime to the original owner. Exclusions: finish, strings/cable, and grip. We offer a $35 “dry fire” repair fee, along with an extended transferable warranty fee of $49.95; this can be purchased for a used K & K Archery bow by the new owner.

All bows will be paper tuned before they are shipped. If you would like your new K & K Archery bow paper tuned with your own rest and arrows this service can be done for $15.

Here are the bow specs:

33” ATA
7” BH
60, 65,70,80,90, & 100 Peak Draw Weights
26-30" Draw Lengths
4.0 Lbs Mass Weight
334-342 IBO with smooth mods
339-347 IBO with speed mods (both rated at 30" draw)
Split Limbs
MSRP $ 769.00 (1000 will be produced)

35” ATA
7 1/8” BH
60,65,70, & 80 Peak Draw Weights
27-32" Draw Lengths
4.1 Lbs Mass Weight
332-340 with smooth mods
337-345 with speed mods (both rated at 30" draw)
Split Limbs
MSRP $ 789.00 (500 will be produced)
All Specs are approximate

Kate Strother
Owner: K & K Archery Inc
Owner: Stingray Stabilizers
YouTube Channel: KevinandKateStrother (up and running!)

How to Order

When placing your order please give the following information:

Address/Phone number
Model of Bow
Right or Left handed
Black Riser w/Camo Limbs or Full Camo

Order Email: kevin@stingraystabilizers.com

For your order to go thru we need ALL of these things in your email.
Thank you!!

Many people have asked about how to make a deposit on their new K & K Archery bow. After we receive your email order you will be sent a Pay Pal invoice for a $100 deposit. The deposit is Non-refundable. However, if your bow has been on order for more than four months and you have not received it, your $100 will be refunded to you. We do anticipate a Jan 2011 ship date! I went round and round about this whole deposit thing, and in order to make sure we do not have orders held for someone who really will not be buying, this is what we came up with to make it fair. "

I am not affiliated with them at all!!!

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I had a Bow tech and they are

I had a Bow tech and they are great bows.  i bought a lower end model and it was accurate and quiet, but I sold it and got the switchback which is just as good as the bow tech, just a different look and feel.  I think it is a bow that I could have kept for the rest of my life, but I relegated it to back up bow status when I shot the Z7.  Archers are lucky today becasue there are so many good choices out there and the lower price bows are just lower in price and not quality.

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