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Pups, Very Well Started German Shorthairs,FC Sired Labs

I have a couple of very well bred shorthairs on the ground, all colors. We also have a few started shorthairs ready to go. We have them from just pointing, whoa, shot over and retrieving to finished. Just depends on what you want. All our dogs are 100% guaranteed. We don't just guarantee for genetic problems. We guarantee you will like the dog or you will get it replaced, period. Many references are available. We don't even let one of our started dogs leave unless they are ready to hit the field. If they are not to that level yet they are a pup. Our started dogs will absolutely contribute to your hunt, not hinder it!!!! We have several different colors and degrees of training available. My trainer has sold over 30 started dogs in the last four months. None have come back. I can't see there were never any small issues but nothing we can't work through. No one wanted a dog replaced. my trainer is happy to help you out with any training issues for the life of your dog. For more info you can call us at 605-262-0844 or cell 605-228-9012. For pictures of any dogs that are still available email me at We always have more dogs being worked on.

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