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Public South Carolina Hog Hunting?

I'm looking for a place to hunt hogs in SC without having to pay the high price of guided hunts on private land. Is there any quality public hunting ground or does anyone know of any farmers willing to let a few U.S. Marines come and perform some "pest control?"

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Public South Carolina Hog Hunting?

there are some hog not top far from u at croatan national forest get with the game warden there are in the south eastern corner

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sc public land for hog's

hey bud i use to live near beechisland sc and there is a wma land that has plenty of hog's on it . it is alittle swampy but if you have a boat to can go down the savanna river between the sc and ga side and put in to get to the hog's .

call this number and they should be able to help you .

Crackerneck Aiken 803-725-3663 x x x x x x x x x

this wildlife management land has alot of hog's on it !!

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HogZilla 2

Hey, I'm glad I found thhis thing about hogs....Okay, so I'm sure ya'll heard about the giant pig in Alabama that the kid and dad killed that ended up being a tame pig, right? And some guy on the Internet showed how the phots were fake-or at least exaggerated, right? So did they digitally mess with the images on the computer or did they just position themselves in front of the camera so it looked bigger from the angle they took the shot? Because I can kinda understand standing in front of the hog during the initial photo session and trying to make it look as big as possible, but digitally photoshopping those pictures would be really """""".....

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Public South Carolina Hog Hunting?

I was stationed on PI for 3 years and we use to go down the savanaha river. Go to the MWR and rent a john boat and head to stone creek landing. You go pat the 95 and u can use high powered riffles. Stay on the norht side of the river as the south is ga side of the hunting land. Riffle season is all of OCT. We took hogs out of there and seen plenty. Its swampy but good hunting if your not scared to walk through the swap. Ive only seen one gator out there. Look in the thick bushes thats where they like to bed down. the more hunting buddies u can bring the better.

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