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Public Pursuit Scores a Public Land Buck

All that planning and patience finally paid off! While filming a public land self-filmed web series, I finally scored a big buck! Ball park live weight 220-230, scored 125 0/8". Jawbone being pulled soon, definitely the buck I called "Big Time 8" on Public Pursuit!  Stay tuned for episode 4!

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Great Buck! just another

Great Buck! just another great example of public land hunting that so many hunters over look. Everyone thinks that you need private land to hunt giant whitetails. Where i live one of the biggest bucks ever found was kill by a train on public land. The deer was 6 1/2 years old and was an absoultly giant. You just might have to put in a little extra time and effort in on public land but there is some big ones out there.

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That's a beauty of a deer! 

That's a beauty of a deer!  When you think of big bucks, you don't usually think about Kentucky, assuming that's where you got it.  However, that's got me thingking a little more about it. Wink


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Wow!  That's a nice buck for

Wow!  That's a nice buck for sure whether in private or public land.  I am not familiar with your webshow, I'll have to check that out too.

Congrats on a really nice buck!

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great buck!! Getting him on public land makes it even better. I have only taken whitetail bucks on private land so far abd have yet to get one as big as yours. On the other hand I only hunt mule deer here at home on public land. It can be very tough to get them but also very rewarding when you finally do get a big one.

Congratulations again. And thanks for the great pictures.

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  Wow - great homework and it


Wow - great homework and it pays off!  I have had many tell me public land is no good.  You have obviously provided what I have been saying to may - it can be done!!!  Great Job on the harvest Heater!!!  We all look forward to the video and the narration of this great stalk and harvest!!!


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Nice...wall hanger for

Nice...wall hanger for sure...Congrat's!

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It is definitely harder to bag big bucks on public land.

It is definitely harder to bag big bucks on public land.  Well done.  He’s a wall hanger that you should be proud of for sure.  That’s a great looking buck with an awesome rack!  

Thanks for sharing the photograph of him.  I know that I would sure be happy with putting a tag on that one!  Now we need to hear all about the details of how it happened.    

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Holy Smokes!!!!  Great

Holy Smokes!!!!  Great looking buck.  Truly a bruiser.  Love the time length.  Goes to show that if you put in the time and effort it will eventually payoff.  Not always as quickly as we would like, but eventually.  Again, congratulations on a great buck. 

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