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Public or Private Land Hunter?

Yep public land has some off the best huntin around. Thumbs up

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Public or Private Land Hunter?
redrider wrote:
I wouldn't mind trying some of the public land around here. Some real good areas around Clinton and Perry. Plus all the WIHA.

Wildlife and Parks have some special hunts that include Perry. I put in for them, but don't know if I'll draw. Thought it would be worth a shot to hunt that area that is normally open.

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Public or Private Land Hunter?

All private land here

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Public or Private Land Hunter?

I don't ask to hunt on private land. If I'm not invited, I don't go. As little public land as we have around here, there's lots of land if you know where it is. The vast majority of private here is either closed or fee hunting, I have never fee hunted.

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Public or Private Land Hunter?

I'll be hunting both this year. My familly has some land that's a high beech nut producer, but I tend to wander off the property into public land alot. I have not seen many people using the public land available in the last two years. It's really too bad.

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Public or Private Land Hunter?

all private Thumbs up

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