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Public Land -- Idaho

Another place I'm considering is Idaho for a DIY OTC September elk hunt.  I'm told that the SE area of the state is a good place to head to, all along the Wyoming border.  Does anyone have experience hunting in Idaho or even that general area?  

Any good advice on some public land tracts to scout and other helpful information?

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66% of the state is public

66% of the state is public land.  Grizzlies have made a comback down that way.  southeast idaho. From up here in the north idaho area.  it is way down south.  There is lots of big country.  idaho fish and game has a hunt helper that puts out unit stats, such as hunter succes, how many 6pts where harvested, days it took to kill, etc.  that would be a great place to start.

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I have never hunted in

I have never hunted in southern idaho but i have heard quite a few good things about down there. they don't have very many wolves down there like they do up here in northern idaho so you shouldn't have much of a problem there. if you are going to hunt southern idaho check out the island park, and the owyhee hills areas. they have good populations and a lot of big bulls are taken out of there every year. good luck.,

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CScott, Let us know how your


Let us know how your reasearch works out... I am new to elk hunting (OK I have never been) and am very interested in any conclusions you may draw.

I am leaning toward heading to northwest Colorado for my first foray - but that is only based on reading and minimal research I have done.

This site is a great resource for information - good luck in your search...

Keep us in the loop!


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Be sure to pour over maps of

Be sure to pour over maps of the southeast, you get into a fair amount of private land down that way. You might also look at general season hunts around the Sun Valley/Ketchum area.