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Public land around Colorado Springs?


I'm a new hunter, and I'm trying to figure out where to hunt. I just got a small game license. I've only been able to go out once so far, and I didn't see anything. I live in Colorado Springs, and I'm looking for places nearby. I went to the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area. All I found was a flock of songbirds.

I also tried going to the Turkey Tracks Ranch State Trust Land, but I couldn't find the place. Does anyone know exactly where that is? I followed the directions in the brochure, and I also tried looking it up online. The brochure said there would be signs posted, and I didn't see anything. I looked on google maps, and found the place it was supposed to be. There was a ranch there, but it had a different name.

Are there any other public lands near Colorado Springs that I should check out? Are the State Wildlife Areas and State Trust Lands the only public lands you can hunt on, or should I be looking for other places?

Thank you!

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You can try Rampart Range.

You can try Rampart Range. It's west and north of the Airforce Academy. Lots of public land there. I would purchase a BLM map of the area you want to hunt. It'll show you the public and private areas.

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a little clarification

Like Hiker said, the Rampart Range is a pretty obvious option.  But to expand on that in nearly every case, one can hunt BLM and Forest Service lands.  You will want a proper map though as those lands are often poorly marked.

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Getting the maps is a must

Getting the maps is a must but also go on the DOW web site and down load the State Trust Lands info and the State Wildlife Areas. These areas can be fair to good for small game, ducks/geese and even some big game. Welcome to the site and good luck. 

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Looks like you had your

Looks like you had your questions answered.  I just wanted to say welcome to the site!!!

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Sometimes local gun shops are

Sometimes local gun shops are a good source for info. Buying something will help.  Big smile

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In case you haven't seen this

In case you haven't seen this link off the DOW website, it is the Colorado Hunter Atlas.


It shows public land, GMU's, campgrounds, big game concentrations, aerial photos, etc.  I find it very useful.  Good luck!

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you need the right maps

I'd recommend going to the BLM office or website (even Sportsmans Warehouse) and buying some current BLM maps of your area.  These will tell you where the public land is.  Too bad that the Trails Illustrated topo maps don't cover much on the lower front range, they tell you what's public and private as well.  You can't be a hunter until you've bought a Colorado Gazatter (Delorme) atlas.  The current one is much better than the older versions and they tell you where nearly all the access roads are that many maps don't have.  It also gives SWA, STL, and BLM too.  Use the atlas for driving there.  Use topos or DOW (Colorado Division of Wildlife) maps for actual hunting or scouting.  The DOW website has plenty of info for maps and DOW owned property.  As a hunter who hunts public lands I make map buying and GPS dowloads more of a priority than I do investing in guns and reloading anymore.