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Public Land Access Asociation

Just wondering if any of you Western CO (Grand Junction) guys know of or have had a chance to deal with the Public Land Access Association?  It looks to be a small orgnization that is working hard to open roads on or accessing public lands that have been closed to the public for one reason or another.  My cousin sent me an email about the PLAA attempt to open 9.8 road SW of Glade Park. 

Just thought i would ask. 

PLAA web site:  http://www.plaa.co

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That is a interesting group,

That is a interesting group, I'll have to check them out further. 

I know of lots of roads that the public has been locked out of in Mesa and Garfield counties. 

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Public Land Access Asociation

Either that group or another group with a similar name has opened a lot of public roads that landowners had closed in Montana.

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Not sure

I'm not sure which group my father used to be a part of here, but he helped get open quite a few roads.

If they were able to open 9.8 Road it would definitely take a lot of pressure off the west end of the park for a couple of years.....

I would really like to see the end of BS Rd get opened back up !!!!!!