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Public land

How can I find the availability of public land in Wyoming hunting units? 

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I start with a statewide atlas that shows approximate public land ownership.  Delorme is terribly inacccurate, but still useful, so I own one for just about every state.  When I'm interested in a Wyoming unit, I start there, but also look at the Walk In maps and Hunter Management Area maps, which also display public lands pretty accurately.  I'll then pop on down to the USGS map store and pick up some BLM maps which do a much better job about showing land ownership, plus topography, but it can be hard to narrow down which ones you need.

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I have a Mpatrails CD ROM

I have a MapTrails CD ROM that is no longer sold and a newer CD ROM by DeLorme that covers the entire North America continent for $100. It is well worth the price, as you can put down waypoints and make your own maps with it just like the older one. I also have a chip of Wyoming in my Garmin GPS for that state because I hunt out there every year. If you have a question about a particular unit or two out there just send me an email and I'll look it up for you. My email addy is: stephensonm@chartermi.net

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I appreciate the info guys.

I appreciate the info guys. However would u guys know of any websites that holds such info? I know Wyomings fish and game website had it, but I can't seem to locate it anymore.

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Something like this maybe?


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They sell hunting unit maps

They sell hunting unit maps by area that color code display 1 mile grids of all sate, fedaral and property within the area you intend to hunt. I believe we paid approximately $5 for each in Wyoming. I got our at Dirty Sally's, a souvenir / ice cream shop in Ten Sleep. I'm sure they can be had elsewhere. They are a standard "map fold". 

Another idea a member of our group had was to purchase a SD chip from huntingmaps.com for Wyoming. It cost $99 and displays evrrything about the areas you're in, including property owners names etc... The chips can run in any Garmin product that accepts a SD chip, including vehicle GPS systems. The only drawback we have found using those is they have a very limited battery run time as opposed to the small handheld GPS units backpackers use.

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Yep, there's a great website!

There is a website that I have used many times.  It seems to change it's location every year or so...makes it a bit of a challenge to keep the bookmarks current.  The current location is below:


It doesn't have the GMU boundaries, but the main roads and landmarks are all available so with minimal work you can dephicer the boundaries.

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Thanks guys the web links and info really helped Big smile