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Prospect or Butte Falls

Does anyone know which area is better for Elk, Prospect or Butte Falls?

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Prospect or Butte Falls

Welcome to BGH.

I have no idea where either are or even what state they are in.

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Prospect or Butte Falls

had a buddy hunt the prospect area last elk season.....he saw 4 cows the whole trip.

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Prospect or Butte Falls

I'm not trying to be smart, but "elk are where you find them". The two areas that you mention are generally on a migration route to lower wintering grounds from the higher county to the North. Thus, the increase in elk populations in either area is largely weather dependent. Both areas are quite popular during the November muzzleloader season. Last year, the weather didn't cause much of any movement until after the November season (which is a popular controlled draw tag.) If you are looking for lower and easier ground than the northern areas of 5000 to 6500 feet, then the Prospect and Butte Falls areas are options, but you are not likely to find the numbers that inhabit the higher ground during the October general elk season. Again, . . . . . get some weather, and things change!

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