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proposal 1

here in michigan we were succesful in passing a proposal this week.
it was in regards to the money raised thru hunting,fishing and recreational fees.
see our guvs liked to raid this fund whenever thier budgets got tight,i.e. when they needed funding for prisons etc...
well now they can no longer touch this money for any reason!!!!
it all goes back into our outdoors Yes
i personally want to thank every sportsman/outdoorsman(and women)who helped pass this proposal-THANK YOU ALL!!!!!
we beat the government and it feels good for a change! Thumbs up

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proposal 1

GOOD JOB Thumbs up

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proposal 1

Great news! Good job Michigan. Thumbs up

The game and fish departments are becoming "the cash cow" for most of the states. They keep bumping up our tags, more and more and usually the money doesn't go back into game management but goes into other state budgets. I'd like to see other states do this same thing that MI did.

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