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Property thoughts/suggestions?

A friend and I are looking into purchasing property in the next year or so in Northern Ca. We're primarily interested in deer/bear hunting, with some quail or possibly turkey on the side. We're both in the very beginning stages of looking and are looking for suggestions or ideas on what to look for, what to be wary of, etc. I know this is a pretty broad question, but some of the thoughts/concerns we have now are:

1 - Property size, terrain
2 - Hunting zones, tag restrictions
3 - Available water (preferably natural springs, creeks, etc)
4 - Bordering properties
5 - Road access, existing fences/boundaries

Right now, just to give an idea what we're looking into, we've found a property that has caught both our attention. It's 1,280 acres near Lake Shasta and has two seasonal streams running through it. It borders Forest Service property and National Forest on all sides, and is located in Ca "B Zone" for deer (no tag restrictions). It is mainly mountainous timber land with a few open areas. It has primitive road access into the property, though the roads don't appear to be in great shape.

Like I said, this is a pretty broad question and there's probably hundreds of factors to consider. But I've posted questions here in the past and gotten some great advice, and I'm sure some of you have some valuable insight or information to pass on, even if it is just some basic info. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!