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Pronghorn: The Perfect Beginners' Big Game Animal (feature)

June 2008 Feature Article:

Pronghorn: The Perfect Beginners' Big Game Animal

Imagine you were given the assignment of designing a perfect big game hunt for novice hunters. Your objective would be to make the hunt fun and exciting so the new hunter would come away with a lifelong love of hunting and the outdoors. It would be great if the hunt had some exotic appeal, something a little out of the ordinary so the new hunter wants to keep coming back for more. A high probability of success would be essential. No matter their age, beginning hunters don't want to wait several years to harvest an animal. Read more...

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I would have to say that I

I would have to say that I completely agree. We will be taking my mom out for her first hunt this year and it will be for pronghorn in WY.

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Great article hit all the high points

Thanks for the article.  Antelope are truly one of the best big game animals for new hunters.  In Wyoming, there are literally antelope in every direction all day long.  It keeps the kids engaged and excited all day.

We'll be hunting antelope every year for many years to come--my kids are justing getting to the magic age of 12.  

Thanks again! 

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