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Nice!  Good luck!

Nice!  Good luck!

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Nice goat!

Nice goat, one day I hope to be able to hunt one of them beauts, Sure looks fun. Good luck on your 2nd season hunt, I also have a 2nd season buck tag and for me the hunt cant come fast enough! Good luck, Hope you end up adding another animal to your taxidermy bill! I think you have got one of the best kind of bills their are Thumbs up

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great antelope! Great change of pace after mountain climbing. Have you had a chance to put a tape on him?

Good luck with your deer hunt coming up. The change of weather right now could help things a bunch. 

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Here's the Next "How Big is He?"

Great speed goat Hawkeye!

Loos like the next guessing game has been provided.  I'm gonna ante up with a score of 81 6/8.

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You're having an epic fall,

You're having an epic fall, I'm jealous!  I would kill to have a couple of months off to chase animals!

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I didn't put tape to him so

I didn't put tape to him so I'll just have to wait till I get him back. I wish I would have now... a lot of people have been putting him closer to 80 than I originally thought he'd go.

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