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problems with UPS

Scared me good today when after I checked my UPS tracking from work and showing my package delivered from Cabela's I got homr to find nothing by the door like it said. I put a call in to try and find out what happened but while I was waiting took a walk and found it myself on a neighbors porch about a hundred yards away. Our houses are scattered but clearly marked, the driveways are winding and confusing but just to leave it at the wrong house upset me quite a bit as a new Zeiss rangefinder was inside and would have been a nice prize for a dishonest recipient.

Anyway it all turned out well but need to make sure something like this does not happen again as it is not the first time and I was unable to retrieve the package when it happened before.

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I've had that before, but

I've had that before, but usually just with a similar address.  2286 and 2236 can be mistaken easily, I guess.

Glad it worked out for you though.

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Whew! Glad to hear that it all worked out and glad that your neighbor didn't mind you getting your package back!

Now tell us about how the range finder works!

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In all my years using UPS I

In all my years using UPS I have only had one problem myself.  The company that I worked for sent me a item and used my PO box.  UPS called me and I told them the right address but they ended up sending it back to the sender.  The only other time was when I got one of my neighbors packages.  I just picked it up and took it to him. 

One strange thing that did happen one year was when I got a package from Cheaper Than Dirt.  The package address had my name and address on it but I hadn't ordered anything from them.  When I opened it up there was a bunch of real nice hunting and shooting gear inside.  Then I saw a packing slip on the inside.  It was for a person that lived in my same town but with a totally different name.  It was a good thing that he had a listing in the phone book or else I would of just kept the gift from them. 

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