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Problems with target acquisition

Hey everyone!

Recently I've been so fed up with how long it takes me to acquire my target with my Pentax 4x12 gameseeker, that I'm considering having iron sights installed on my savage 110 .30-06. I can get a shot off much, much faster with iron sights, and am more confidence in my accuracy as well. The only thing that worries me is 200+ yard shots, and lack of precise placement of the shot on the animal's body (deer/elk) with iron sights, as the front bead would have to cover up part of the target. What are some suggestions for models of iron sights (XS systems?/NECG?) or low power scopes renowned for quick acquisition? I realize much of the issue depends on familiarity and practice with the scope, but I am yet to feel natural with my scope in the field, after hours and hours put in. Thoughts?

Mods: I posted this in the optics forum, but thought that I would post it here as well, as I only hunt in Colorado. Apologies if this is a major breach of conduct!

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Re: Problems with target acquisition

I use heavy duplex with a fine crosshair, It seems to work better for me other than having a all fine duplex. You might try starting off on a lower power then crank it up to shoot if you have the time before the shoot.

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Re: Problems with target acquisition

I tried a var 3-7 scope ONCE. I pulled up on a deer and only saw foilage. The easy answer to all this FOR ME is the fixed 4. I am generally not so close that I am too close, it matches my confidence at long range, and is perfect for all the shots in between. Of the people I hunt with - the only advantage the higher power scopes seem to offer is for looking over game at longer range - not necessarily shooting. But I have a spotting scope and binos for that. Some day I would like to enlarge my envelope to include longer range shooting - and at that time will probably engage a variable scope with greater mag for longer range shooting. I know my post is probably too simplistic - but for me - one of the joys of hunting - is keeping things (almost ridiculously) SIMPLE.

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Re: Problems with target acquisition

I took up trap and skeet 2 yrs ago, I think it has helped me considerably with quick target aquisition. Even with a scoped rifle I find the target right away now ,espescially(I think thats a word) on moving game. Don't know if it is practical for you ,but an idea.