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Re: problems with kimber rifles

I had the opportunity to shoot a new Kimber Pro-Varmint a few years ago in 204. With Hornady factory ammo (32gr V-Max) the gun would easily shoot sub-1" and with practice was a consistent half moa gun.

If I've heard people complain about Kimber accuracy its usually been Montana's which I don't think are really intended to be great shooters. Light weight barrels and sub-moa usually don't occur together. They are advertised as hunting rifles not bench rifles.

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Re: problems with kimber rifles

Although I've been able to get sub MOA with my Winchester Featherweight at 100 yrds when fired from a gun vise and a pneumatic trigger actuator. This tells me the type of inherent accuracy that this rifle has and that's with a light barrel. I've never expected that good with a featherweight barrel, but it is plenty capable of this type of accuracy with my reloads. Now ask me if it shoots that accurate in my own hands and I'd be lying if I said yes. Wink

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If Kimber is not your choice, and one wants a three position safety, I'd look at Ruger and Winchester. As it is I'm a Winchester fan so the choice is easy for me. I'm happy with the new crop of Winchesters on the market.

As for handguns, Glock has been nothing but trouble, and the Sig eats everything I throw at it, as does my Colt 1911. The P-35 is pretty good, but has a hiccup now and again.

Just goes to show no man-made item is perfect and they can all fail, even man himself.

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I shot one of my Kimber

Big smile I shot one of my Kimber rifles today to confirm that it was still sighted in. I shot a 150 SST from my 270 WSM Montana at 200 yds and it put the first shot from the cold barrel 1/2" to the left and 1" high. A second confirming shot made a 1.5" group.

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