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Pro Staff Help?

Im a Pro Motocross racer from WA, hoping to one day be a pro staffer or Even produce my own hunting show's. I have been in the buisness of pro sport's and know what company's like and dislike for potential sponsorship's. I have an extreme love for big game hunting and belive that it is my goal to become a pro! I know in racing getting sponsor's is alot of who you know and a little what you know. It suck's but I belive it's like that in the hunting world to. I would love the opportunity to represent somone in the hunting/outdoor Market. I belive that I could be one of the best rep's the hunting industry has seen yet. So in other word's "I NEED HELP!!!" Yes What can I do To make my way at becoming a Proffetional hunter/ Pro Staffer?

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Pro Staff Help?

Shoot a record or set a record, seems to be a common trend.

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Pro Staff Help?

I agree with bit. Shoot monsters year in and year out. Possibly get a couple of them on video. I hunt hard every year on public ground and it is hard to find monsters every year. It can be done but I do have to work for a living. If I could hunt every day I am sure I could add a couple more hogs to the wall.