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Pro Safaris Africa anyone? (Zimbabwe)

Hiya guys,

Has anyone heard of Pro Safaris Africa? I'm planning my first trip to Zimbabwe for late 2008 and they were recommended to me by a friend's friend. They have some nice trophy photos in their website (http://www.pro-saf.com) but I was wondering if someone has hunted with them before.

P.S: Stumbled upon this forum googling for african hunting. Great site!

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Pro Safaris Africa anyone? (Zimbabwe)

welcome to the site!

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Pro Safaris Africa anyone? (Zimbabwe)


I will also be hunting with Pro-Saf. I'm going in Spring 2008. I have two friends that have gone with them. They both speak highly of Pro-Saf. I have met a couple of their PH's. Really good guys. My buddies and I are are just simple blue collar shmucks that can't really afford this stuff ... but go anyway. On of the fellas has been over 12 times.

Knowing others have who used Pro-Saf was my sole reason for choosing them ... What will you be hunting when you are there?

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Scaring game

If having fifteen Africans scaring game out of the bush for you is what you call hunting than you wouldn't be interested in this place. They only allow fair-chase hunts

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Pro Safaris Africa anyone? (Zimbabwe)

i have never been to zim. if no one here answers your question, check out http://www.accuraterelaoding.com, for many people there have hunted zim and could give you a heads up. Thumbs up