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Private land/no hunting maps

A buddy of mine recently got his hunters ed card, and asked if i would take him hunting. We both went out and bought deer tags for 3rd season in GMU 29, i have an idea of where to go but im not sure if it is a no shooting zone. So my question is does anyone know where i can get some information. thanks in advance.

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The blm maps here are pretty

The blm maps here are pretty good. You can punch in the hunting unit and it will tell you what maps you need. http://plicmapcenter.org/

These are great for your gps. I have them for Colorado and Wyoming and won't go hunting without them anymore. http://www.huntinggpsmaps.com/

Just resrearch from there.

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Great links Hunter25!  Thanks

Great links Hunter25!  Thanks for sharing.

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Congrats to your buddy on

Congrats to your buddy on starting hunting!  It is a very exciting and rewarding undertaking.  He should join this website as well.  

As for the public/private, you can check that out online using the CDOW Hunter Atlas.  As for physical land ownership maps, huntdata.com sells software for your computer and GPS, as well as physical maps.  You can order from their website, or get their products at Bass Pro Shop or Gander Mountain.  Regardless of which companies' maps you choose, I hunt Unit 29, and I would highly recommend having property ownership maps loaded on your GPS.  There are so many private pieces of land cutting through public in almost the entire GMU that it necessitates a good GPS with ownership maps.  

As for the "Boulder County Firearms Closure", I received a small map with a letter in the mail from CDOW last year highlighting an area where county regulations prohibit the discharge of firearms.  The area is about two miles long along Sugarloaf Road.  It extends about half a mile to the north and the south of Sugarloaf, and runs east from Sugarloaf Mountain basically to Alaska Hill.  I bet if you called CDOW, they would be glad to send you the same map.  

Good luck, and in a few weeks, be sure to let us know how you and your buddy do during your season.   Thumbs up

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Thanks to the both of you guys. I really do appreciate it. most of the planning is gonna have to wait till i return from my Elk hunt, since im leaving next friday and wont have time to do research before then.

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