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Primos Trigger Stick


When I hunt with a handgun,it is a Ruger SB 7-1/2" bbl. I have never tried a shooting stick, but I found out about the Primos Trgiger Stick.

It's ability to slide up and down and lock without moving anything but the "trigger finger" of your off-hand interests me.

Can anyone comment on it's worth? Does it work like it's manufacturer describes it does?


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Re: Primos Trigger Stick

It does work as the manufacturers say it will and as long as it works it works great. BUT, we used one for one season of antilope hunting. It was the tall tripod model (that shouldn't make any difference, the "working part" is the same for all models). We didn't baby it but also didn't abuse it. It didn't last the season before it jammed up. Activating the trigger & sometimes the legs wouldn't slide out or they would slide out at different rates or stop at different distances. I'm thinking that it got plugged up with dust and dirt (you can't hunt antilope in August w/o getting dusty & dirty). I hosed it out a couple of times but the same problems would crop up again. In areas with less dust or different seasons maybe it would have worked better for me.

Ended taking it back to Cabelas & swapped it for a BogPod tripod - what I was going to get originally. For me the bogpod is working out better & is more versatile with available attachments, I can switch from a gun mount to a spotting scope/camera mount in just a few moments.

With hunting with a handgun, I'd stick with a tripod model. I've used bipod sticks with my super blackhawk but waste time thinking about keeping the sticks from fallin down under recoil.

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