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PRIMOS "The Long Can" Doe in Estrus bleat

Last season I was archery hunting on the edge of long field in North East PA. It was the beginning of the rut and with the setting sun deer began to spill out into the field. The first deer were young bucks and does but nothing really exciting. After a little while a doe let out two bleats to in rapid succession of each other. Almost instantly there was a huge reaction in all of the male deer in the field.  Shortly there after a nice Bruiser 9 ptr walked out. Unfornately for me the sun was quickly fading and I didn't have an opportunity but it left an impression on me on how effective a "Doe in Etrus Bleat" could be. Fast forward this year, shotgun season NY, the height of the Rut. There was about 20-30 mins of shooting time left when I dug into my bag and figured that I might as well try this fancy call that last season inspired me to purchase. After two flips of the can, what causes it to produce noise, I heard something running from behind me. Within seconds I could see a nice 8 ptr making his way over from the trail he was walking down to come see where the doe was. The rest is History. I can say with 100% certainty that I was afforded this opportunity because of The PRIMOS doe in estrus bleat. "The Long Can!"

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I have used them effectively

I have used them effectively also.

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Thanks for your report on

Thanks for your report on these things. I rarely get to hunt the rut here at home but it's usually just getting started when I head to Texas like the last couple of years. I hadn't thought of something like this to give me an edge as it's just not my normal way of hunting. I think I'll pick one up to take with and try next year. Can't hurt that's for sure.

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Good advice.  With the rut

Good advice.  With the rut timing the way it did this year, hitting just about prime time for my 3 day trip to Vermont, I told my Dad I wanted to use all the tricks.  One of the things I used was the Primos doe bleat can.  Not sure what the "Long" can is, maybe a newer model?  Anyway, the funny thing is, I hit that call about 5 minutes prior to my Dad shooting his big 8 point.

Granted, we cannot know for sure if it was responding to the can, or if it was only interested in the doe that came through 3 minutes prior, but my Dad and I were within 150 yards of each other, and he did come in checking his scrapes.  So, I like to think that the bleat can was the reason for my Dad's success.... Wink

Thanks for the little synopsis of your hunt, and the product.

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ok quick question are you

ok quick question are you letting the can run it's full course? i've had luck calling in a small buck to 20 yards starring right at me with it in the pastdoing the full can  but this year looked up on line and everything i found was to flip it back and forth a couple times which didn't seem to work for me so just curious how others are using them




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How to use

I let it make the full sound twice and then I wait for a while before I use it again. My father cut his open and took the sliding piece out so he can manually make the noise by blowing into the can. This way he can change the volume and length of the bleat. The same thing can be achieved by just blowing through the hole in the back of the can. I didn't feel like that was necessary and it seemed as though it worked out for me as is. I tend not to be very aggresive with my calling though. I've noticed that deer that I've grunted and rattled in are very jumpy

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