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Primer selection for 300 win mag

I don't know what it is about primers but some rifles just like different primers. The good thing is that they don't usually effect accuracy much for hunting purposes. Take your favorite load in your favorite cartridge and change primers. You'll probably see a small variation in the two. I like Win and CCI primers but always do a bit better with some really old Herter primers I have. Lucky I have a lifetime supply of them.

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Primer selection for 300 win mag

Now there's a name not bandied about much these days--Hertre's--U used to go to their store in Waseca-still have a tent i bought tere for a 3 week trip to Canada in 1969--Used to love their catalog-- bought all my lures and lure making supplies from them-- still have a few Creek Chub Pike lures NIB .Everything was World's Best--I also still have a cook book and a fishing book by the old man--fun to read once in a while and i use some recipes also.
Thanks for memory. I believe cabela's dropped their last Herter's named store in Beaver Dam,Wi. a few years ago and whil some dekes have the name- it rings hollow--

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Primer selection for 300 win mag

I'm just now getting a chance to shoot my first hand loads. I did find that my load work up / rifle performs slightly better with the CCI 250 primers. The first 5 shots produced a 1.500 inch group at just over 200 yards with 3 out of 5 touching. The federal primers with the same load opened up to just over two inches.

Load Data is for .300 win mag with a 26 " barrel
180 grain Accubond bullet
73.5 grains of RL22
CCI 250 primer

This load did not seem to have the sharp recoil that I am used to getting from the factory Federal Vital shocks. I have loaded my next ten rounds using 75.5 grains of RL 22 for a comparison. Nosler's 6th lists this as the most accurate load tested with the 180's. I'll shoot these today.

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Primer selection for 300 win mag

I use the CCI 250 but I use them in all my magnum loads.

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