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Presidental Candidate

Pretty dang quiet here considering it is an election year!!

Who are you supporting for the Republican Nominee and why?

How about President Obama, do you support his re-election to a 2nd term? If yes then Why?


None of my favorites are running any longer. I would have loved for Michele Bachmann to have stayed in the race, Herman Cain was my second. Voted for Newt in the primary. I think Santorum would make a good President but I think that Romney would end up driving away independents much the same way that Bush did after his second term. Most folks are tired of the same old BS in washington, democrat or republican. There isn't a real distinction between the two anymore and what differences there are, are mostly just on paper and not in action.

So what say you?


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I'm sticking with Romney for

I'm sticking with Romney for a couple of reasons.  I personally think that he has the best chance to beat Obama and the second one is that I knew him while he was at BYU and thought that he was alright then.  One thing that I have never liked is when a Congressman or Senator becomes President.  They only know how to spend, they have never had to actually govern anything, where at least a person that has been a Governor has had to take care of a states business for either better or worse. 

As for the Republicans loosing the last Presidential election, I personally believe that who ever ran as a Democrat would of won.  The people were tired of the Republicans that were in office and wanted a change.  I don't think that Bush did that bad of a job but things were starting to go downhill in the end and something had to be done.

Also in my opinion if the Republicans stick together this year and not have somebody run as a independent which will pull votes off of them they just  may pull it off.  The independent voter is usually better informed than the press would like to say and they will swing back and forth usually voting for the better person running.  Did I mention that I am a independent?  

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I will support the Republican

I will support the Republican that is on the ticket in the primary and I think he will win unless Ron Paul goes out on a third party then we will be in truoble.


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I supported Ron Paul in the

I supported Ron Paul in the Primary but will vote for whatever "R" is on the ticket in November.

I wish it had been Herman Cain or Bachman as they were my choices but philosophicly I'm closest to Paul over all of them. I won't however waste my vote and select him in the general election unless he somehow gets the nomination.

At this point I'm in the ABO Camp.

Anybody But Obama!

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Presidential Candidate

I reluctantly support Romney, even though I know what's coming.  He's been the pick all along; he's been the one the press has continually propped up as the front runner and refused to say anything negative about.  Meanwhile, the press has taken out all the other candidates one by one...helped them surge ahead of Romney, and then play up some sort of outrage to portray them as out of control nutjobs and take them down.  And whenever the target plummeted in the polls, the support went somewhere other than Romney...and the cycle repeated.  They did it with Palin when she was talking about running.  They did it with Christie as a preemptive strike.  They did it with Trump, Bachmann, Perry, and Cain.  They just did it with Gingrich, and they're doing it now with Santorum.

I believe the end game will be to run Romney because that's who Obama wanted to run against from the beginning.  Romneycare takes Obamacare off the table, and the hard right distrusts his conservatism.  He's the one that's the least popular with the Tea Party conservative sentiment that has proven so powerful since 2008. My personal belief is that the plan is to attempt to use Romney to split the Republican party so Obama can win with a minority vote.

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I haven't supported Romney this far because we already have a Liberal in office.  lol

I've been a big supporter of Ron Paul since before election '08.  I find it very interesting how in many polls and surveys taken over the last 20 to 30 years most Americans turn out to actually be very Libertarian minded and leaning, yet most fail to support the best Libertairian candidates.  We just keep following the herd and picking the same old song and dance, be it Democrat or Republican.  Confused

I hate to see the Republicans divided, since we need to beat Obama this time.  I'll likely bite the bullet and chose the lesser of two evils and vote for Romney on election day. I do hope to see Ron Paul elected some time, we need more presidential candidates like him. 

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