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preserving pheasant feathers??

hi can people tell me how to preserve these things,(pheasant feathers) I heard many things, what should I do, I have just single feathers, and also wanted to some dectorations, so I cut the tails, so have some flesh on them, so they be a display in a fan style if that makes since....
what do I do now?

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preserving pheasant feathers??

No experience with the pheasant feathers, but I do make fans out of turkey feathers. The single feathers should be fine as long as the meat and fat is cleaned off. As far as the fan, do the same and try to clean off as much meat and fat as possible. Sometimes a wire brush works well to clean between the feather quills. Be careful not to cut through the quills. I sometimes salt the base after defatting to help absorb some ot the grease or you can soak for about 20 min. in Polytranspar Degreaser, use paper towels to damp dry, and blow dry.
Don't know why it wouldn't work with a Pheasant Big smile Good Luck!

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preserving pheasant feathers??

I agree with redrider, no preservative or any special prep to keep your pheasant feathers.

When we keep the entire skin with feathers (my husband fly ties, so keeps all feathers!) we just remove all fat and let it dry. Sometimes we pin the skin to a board to keep it from curling or pulling.

If you want to store your feathers for an extended period of time, simply putting some moth balls in with the feathers will keep bugs away. This moth ball trick also works for bird mounts that have gotten infested with bugs. Put the whole mount in a large trash bag, dump a box of mothballs in, close bag tightly with a twist tie and leave it alone for a month or so. When you take the bird back out it should be free of bugs. This of course only works if you catch the bug damage before its gotten too badly damaged. The first sign of bug infestation and damage to a bird mount is if you see a fine mealy type of dust under your bird, then you may have bugs eating on the skin of your bird.

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preserving pheasant feathers??

i am 15 and in my room right now i have 4 turkey fans and 3 pheasant fans. along with single feathers of both...

like redrider said for single feathers just get the fat and meet off the end and their great..
I alsohave two phesant fans and my earopean deer mount from this year out in my garage drying right now.. for fans i get as much of the fat and meat off as i can but leave enough to hole all the feathers in place... for fans i normally pyt borax on the remaining meet to dry and absorb the remaining stuff.....laying the fan out on a large piece of cardboard i use small nails to hold feathers in place and let the borax dry the meet out so the feathers are now stuck in this position.. this normaly doesn't take too long.

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