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Preparing for a Caribou Hunt (featured article)

July 2007 Feature Article:

Preparing for a Caribou Hunt

You've saved the funds, cleared it with your spouse, and booked the hunt. Your caribou hunting dream is about to become a reality this fall. But between now and then, you've got a thing or two to do.

Luckily, planning for an adventure like this is a whole lot of fun. It builds up the anticipation, gives you excuses to purchase additional equipment, and prompts you to visit the range more often. The excitement grows exponentially as that great day approaches. Read more...

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Preparing for a Caribou Hunt (featured article)

Excellent tip and article!

I being working on a caribou camp for 4 year's (I am leaving sunday for my fith year Thumbs up ) and lot's of tip on this article are very important.

Just nothing was mention about the guide to many people don't realize how much they can learn about the caribou or the natural habitat or even a different culture (we have inuit guide at camp) by simply asking question guide will not alway go a head and talk about there life or the land they live or work for a period of time unless you ask them ...establishing a good commucation with your guide is important.

Inuit guide with client ...that became a friend!

Let them know what kind of animal you want (for meat or trophy?)
Let them know your experience with a bow, riffle ect.
No nead to get up before dawn for caribou hunting , caribou are migratory animal they are there find ....there not ...there somewhere else lol
They move almost constantly.
Here a image of caribou that are track by satellite in Nothern Québec (nunavik)

In Québec 1 millions caribou inhabit the toundra crossing towsen of miles in water and land ...one day there the other somewhere else ...

I like the suggestion on the artcicle of making sure you bring your fishing tackle in your trip


See you in Nunavik
Ungava cook at Willie Camp (Arctic Adventure NUnavik Northen Québec)

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Preparing for a Caribou Hunt (featured article)

Welcome to BGH Ungava! Nice to have a caribou hunter on board.

I enjoyed reading your feedback, comments & of course your photos! We always love photos & stories around here. Big smile

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Preparing for a Caribou Hunt (featured article)

Thank you Cowgal!

I am a meat hunter when it come to caribou but sometime a good bull why not Yes
Me and a decent bull.

I work for a Nunavik Caribou Outflther so ...I have the chance to let many go bye Thumbs up

Look at this picture the hill are full of caribou eye roll

Tomorrow will be my departure for my 5th years working in a caribou camp in Nunavik,Québec!
I will come back with more stories and picture for you all! Yes

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