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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge


I also use a .243 shooting 100 gr. for deer. When accurately placed in the boiler room, this combination works exceptionaly well. IMO, this is a perfect recipie for mule deer and antelope success.

And to Led and Caveman, good to see some other Zonies on the board. I lived in Mesa for almost 20 yrs., but I currently live in the dreary little village of Winslow. Cry Do either of you guys belong to the AZOD or AZSJ forums?

Here's a couple of pic's of a nice 29 7/8 in. muley I took in Coconino County. B&C net score: 170 0/8. Not quite a Kaibab buck, but awfully nice none-the-less!! Big smile


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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

I have never mule deer hunted but ill take my single shot 30-06 atop with a simmons 3x9x50 anywhere. I shoot a single shot because with my 30-06 and remington 150 gr core lokt a follow up shot is rarely or should I say never needed. I am investing in me a .243 for me and the wifey. Any suggestions on what brand. Something light weight.

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Mule Deer Cartridge

.257 Weatherby Magnum with a 120 grain partition. A great cross canyon shooter.

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

AZThunder I've seen those forums but not much on them. Most of the time I don't post.

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

6mm Rem. 100 gr Hornady BTSP if hunting deerr only
30-06 w/ 165 gr Hornady BTSP if deer and elk season are concurrent

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

New favorite deer load in 30-06 is Nosler's 180-gr. Ballistic Tip. Since this round is basically a heavy duty hollow-point, I've opted for a larger grained projectile for complete penetration.

Poly-tipped bullet is very aerodynamic and has a high BC of .507, which provides outstanding down-range performance due to higher than normal velocities.

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

Over the last 35 years I have used many different rifles starting with the 30-30 then to the .270 then the 7MM then the 300Wm then the .338WM then the 270WSM then the Weatherby 7mm WM and finally the 7mm-08. Now I realize I never needed anything more than the 7mm-08. I took the deer at 450+ yards with an uphill shot - by far the longest shot I have ever taken. The deer dropped and died after rolling downhill a bit. I have been more impressed with the 7mm-08 than any other cartridge to date. It came in a light package (Kimber 84M Classic) its quick to shoulder and very well balanced with very light recoil. I have been most surprised however by its accuracy at longe range. From the first time my brother and I set pie plates out at 300 and 400 yards with him shooting his 270WSm and me the 7mm-08, he and I both came to realize the capabilities of this cartridge. He is getting one for next season. I may finalize my collection with a new 338 WM for Elk - but then I'm done. I don't need anything more for muley or whitetail. As a side bar, I have not been able to out handload the hornady factory light mags in 139Gr Interlocks for either accuracy or Velocity

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

I've used a .308 weatherby vanguard with a straight 6X leupold. 165 grain bowtail round. I've only killed two with a rifle, but this combination was good out to at least 325-330 yds where I got my last one.

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

30-06 with 165 gr., and a 7mm-08 in 140 gr. I also prefer Federal Premium ammunition with Nosler bullets.

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Preferred Mule Deer Cartridge

Kind of intresting. All this proves that there's a lot of cartridge that more than fill the bill. Let's see, I've used the 222 Rem, 223 Rem ,243 Win, 25-06, 6.5x55, 6.5x06, 270 Win, 7x57, 280Rem, 7mmRem mag, 30-30 Win, 308 win, 30-06 and 338 win mag. In younger days with a family to feed and pre-welfare, I used a couple even quieter rounds. Cry

My all time favorites were a 7x57 Ruger I got new about 1972 in Kalispell,Montana, and a 308 win in a Rem mod 660. For several years I used a 25-06 with 117gr Hornadys, then my 6.5x06 with 140 gr Hornadys. Yesterday I bought myself another 6.5x55, a model 70 feather weight. It will wear an old Redfield 1-4x scope and shoot 129 gr Hornadys. I like Hornady bullets!

If theres one thing I've learned over the years it's that more important than the cartridge is the bullet and the rifle. Few people shoot well a rifle they don't like reguardless of cartridge!

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