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I agree with you packer and your logic makes perfect sence to me. for a native who has the time to find and track and pattern these deer a stand may work out very good. but for someone out for a 7-10 day hunt thats just not an option in my book, unless your hunting private land and on a guided hunt where every thing was done for you,  like i said before i have had time to pattern and scout and used a blind for 3 days straight and didnt see a single deer. for me spot and stalk or still hunting works the best and have been the most productive, most people will tell you if you wanna see a muley stay still but if you wanna shoot a muley go find them. when i think of muley hunting i think you have to be agressive in your tactics to be sucessfull.

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it can be done but...

I think you can stand hunt mulies but also in my opion your limiting yourself. for the most part mulies are hard to pattern there not like white tails that will use the same trail. I have hunted them still hunting, spot and stalk and from a ground bblind, by far the most sucessfull way i have found is spot and stalk, I havent even seen a buck while spending 3 days in a blind on a trail where i have had trail cam pics of deer using.  To me to be more sucessfull you need to go out after the deer instaed of waiting for them. I'm not saying it cant be done many people have done it but a whole heck of a lot more people use other methods and are more sucessfull.

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Both work

Although I am not a tre stand guy, there are quite a few guys that hunt our local mountains out of them.  They are actually quite successful too.  I've never been that fond of heights so I tend to keep my boots on the ground.  I do, however, like to use the same techniques as the tree guys when I am bow hunting, I just do it out of ground blinds that I put together.  When I hunt from the ground blinds, it is mostly in the timber (the same areas that CA_Vermonster mentioned) but when I am in more desert (open) areas, I prefer the spot-and-stalk method.

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My preferred method is to

My preferred method is to hunt/stalk on horseback. I can cover way more ground and I have a good time riding horses. I always bag a deer this way. I also can be more picky, when I cover thousands of acres,rather than hundreds.  Thumbs up

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That is one huge muley,

That is one huge muley, congratulations.

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Very intersting thread - for

Very intersting thread - for an out east hunter that wants to come out and hunt.

We almost never stalk deer over here - we set up and wait - so a spot and stalk or still hunt sounds very interactive to me...

I am intrigued at using two hunters as a team on a spot and stalk... that sounds very fun!

Being involved on a moment by moment basis, actually pursuing the deer (looking for or stalking) sounds very exciting.

I am sure there are a hundred ways to screw it up too... noise, scent, taking the wrong path and over or undershooting where the deer is... etc.

Over here, as long as you can sit still and can shoot, you can get plenty of deer.

I can not wait to get to go on a hunt over there!!

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