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I love a challenge !

The hardest thing for me to do is sitting in one spot for long periods of time. I don't mind sitting and glassing, but not for more than an hour at a time.

I grew up archery hunting and still hunting is probably my favorite way to hunt. I have never hunted out of a tree stand and do not know how some of you can watch a critter come by out of range and not go after him.

I adapt very well to any environment and do not have a problem diving into any type of country. As far as gear goes, I guess I could say that I have advanced greatly. In my younger years I never had a day pack and never even carried water with me. Now I pack around 25-30 pounds of gear even when I am just antler hunting. 

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i LOVE spot and stalk

i LOVE spot and stalk hunting. for me, nothing beats the rush i get when i stalk an animal. there have been a few times i've succeeded at doing this back east in ohio. but nothing like in the mountains. pronghorn and mule deer out in the open. i wish i could have hunted bison and prairie elk, but i will never get the oppertunity to know how it used to be like, oh well.

myself, i am tired of stand hunting, but it is the most effective way to hunt whitetail. and i keep killing a few whitetail every year like this. but it's sooooooo easy.

i've definately been a few places and have needed to change my plan though, and it's been a little uncomfortable at first, when i was younger and didn't have the experience i have now. but i deal with it easily now that i've hunted 20  or so states and seen some real changes in terraine.

as far as my gear... oh man, has it changed. it's almost rediculous. when i first started big game hunting, the gear i had was useless, i carried tons of crap i never used and had nothing i needed.

now, i keep a light pack, and when we need something, i pull it out and we're ready to go. i manage this mostly by making most of my gear. i'll completely fabricate something that i had an idea for and create it out of multiple items just to further specialize my personal gear.

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Depends on what you hunt. 

Depends on what you hunt.  BigHorn sheep you need to find a good vantage point and SIT for at least 2 hours and glass as far as you can see.  Once you spot the sheep. you can stalk them. But there is an awful lot of sitting behind a spotting scope involved in that type of hunting.

Elk and Muley's I get on the ridges and watch across the canyons.  Usually spot the animals the night before and place myself accordingly early morning to be walking amoungst them.  If I don't have my animal at sunrise, I walk the ridge lines looking down on the edge of timberline and timbercuts.  Mid day finds me sitting by a water hole eating my lunch and watch for the animals to come in and drink. Evening finds me glassing big country again trying to decide where I want to be tomorrow morning.

Elk and Deer hunting for me, means that I left the truck parked some 7-10 miles away and I'll find it when it's time to go home.  I pack in my camp on the horses and hunt remote areas.  I rarely see any other hunters and never have animals rush by us that somebody else spooked. So it's up to us to find their daily habits and intercept them.

A bull elk that I passed on last year coming in for water just before dusk

Another bull that I passed on that came in while I was eating my lunch.  He was drinking from the creek 10 feet away until I got the camera out and turned it on. Then he ran out to where he is in the photo before turning around to check me out.


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that's an excellent point.

that's an excellent point. you have to change your tactice for each species. some species, you can use multiple tactics, and some, it's not effective.

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