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Pre Rut this weekend?

Was out hunting all weekend this past weekend and just wanted to let you know what I observed and get some opinions. I am hunting a couple pieces of private land in SE Kansas. I hunted all day Friday (or most of it). I figured with the full moon on Thursday night that I would get sleep in and get into my stand by about 8:30. Well that was fine but the deer were everywhere when I got there so I snuck in and got set up. I saw countless does and a nice young 2 year old. He had a broken main beam on his right side. I saw him about 50 yards to my left and I grunted at him to see what he would do. He came right in and checked a fresh scrape to my left at about 15 yards. He didn't get in the scrape but he smelled it and looked in it for some time. He walked off and I grunted at him one more time and he came right to me. He started thrashing every 1 inch tree he could find and really put on a show for about 15 minutes or so. Funny thing is that he then went back over to that scrape and worked it over real good this time. I let him go on his way after that.

On Saturday evening my girlfriend and I were climbed way up in a couple trees. Right at dark we saw a real nice 3 year old (approx) 9 pointer and he was just cruising the edge. I grunted at him thinking he would come over but all he did was stop and look and continued on his way. I have seen many new rubs and scrapes on our place and was wondering from some of you if you are thinking the pre rut may in a little more swing this weekend or no?

Here are a couple of pics I took of that little buck out of my stand. I have a pair of Bushnell binocs with a camera built in.

Little buck 2.jpg
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little buck 3.jpg
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Pre Rut this weekend?

I think it is getting ready for I am seeing a lot of good scrapes and have some nice pics of bucks working those scrapes at night.

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Pre Rut this weekend?

Try being in your stand at least 1 hour before day light.

The closer it gets to the rut, the more activity you will see.

There are 3 main pahases to the rut. They are pre-rut, rut and post rut. The pre-rut actually begins when the antlers start to shed velvet and ends when the does come into heat.

Here in Michigan, the rut takes place between November 8th through the 15th every year based on the photoperiod.

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