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Pre-Rut Archery Elk?

I have an opportunity to hunt some private land 30,000 + acres in Colorado, for a reasonable trespass fee , but only at the beginning of the season.
There are alot of elk on the property and alot of bulls in the 320+ have been shot.

The landowner/outfitter books clients during the rut , Sept 20th, and they are pretty expensive hunts. $4000+

Is it worth the time and money $1000 , to archery hunt elk pre-rut.
And what would be the best way to hunt them.

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Re: Pre-Rut Archery Elk?

I would say that it depends on the ranch. sometimes elk don't move onto certain properties until the rut comes. I would try to find out how many elk they see at that time of the year. If there's a fair amount of elk on the property then It can be done, but it's a little more difficult. if you wanna go that route, i would suggest spot and stalk hunting.

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Pre-Rut Archery Elk?

I agree with what rockz said.

I have also called in a bull on Sept. 1 with some great action going on then. It could be very worth it. But if they don't bring in hunters until the 20th maybe its alot different there or the elk don't move in early like rockz mentioned.

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