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Prarie dogs

I am curiou if any of you on here have any ranches that have a large population of prarie dogs. I have a few youngsters that would love the chance to warm up their .22's. 

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prarie rats

When I went to Wy last year I cleaned up on those guys. I was hunting the walk in areas in Wy on the SD boarder. I don't know how far of a drive it would be but check the walk in area regs for each area in Wy.

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It will all depend on where

It will all depend on where you are located at and how far you are willing to drive.  I know that Utah now has a season on the dogs and I believe that it is closed now.  I have a friend in the central part of the state that lets shooters onto his property in the spring to shoot what we called pot guts.  They are also called Wyoming ground squirrls and a whole bunch of other names.  Wyoming you might have to find a landowner that would let you shoot on their property which wouldn't be too hard to do.  I have never really investigated it here in Colorado as far as the legality of it but I would suppose that you could find some on the plains.  There are a few on the Western Slope but not that many.  

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If you could get permision between Pueblo and Canon City CO, and are willing to travel that far, you could probably get all the plinking you want. I was out there a few weeks ago working and those little guys were everywhere. The season on public land is June 15 till the end of Feb and on private is year round and there is no limit. You might try putting an add in the local papers and or an add on craigslist.

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Good tips guys I appreciate it. I took the boys 6 and 10 duck hunting in out early youth season yesterday cooper killed two drake mallards and Cole got a drake mallard hen teal and hen wood duck. It was certainly a blessed morning.

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