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power belts and a wolf

A  year ago i sold a muzzle loader, I used power belts for 2years with it, and killed 3 deer with the combo. gun had some good groups. This year I bouht a CVA wolf, T/C scope. Over the last couple of years i'v heard bad things with power belts. I sighted the wolf in yesterday and did extreamly well groups. She liked 100 grn T7 ffg, p/b 295 grn bullet and winchester T7 209 caps. Ended with 3 bullets all touching at 100 yds. I had flyers also, But they were all my fault. too fast triger pull, jerking gun . I thing sometimes people blame gun or loads for bad shooting. This is what my rifle likes.As for killing deer, weather they run 10 ft or 80 yds , dead is dead.