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I think there is one thing in

I think there is one thing in common with beam and digital scales. They are both accurate to one tenth of a grain. If you check one for accuracy against the other, how do you know which one is right? I think I read that ammo companys use bulk measure to load their ammo. I can't see them paying someone to sit there and check every chg. I weigh every charge but I suspect that I could get one charge weighted out right on then throw ten more and weigh them and if it come's out right, throw charges right from the measure into the case and not have much of a problem. The big secret to using a powder measure with tube type powder's is working the measure the  same way every time. It's not that tube powder's measure so bad but rather that handloaders are not consistent in the way they use the scale. When you go up with the handle and come to the stop, the bump settle's the powder every time. If you don't bump, tube powder will not pack the same way every time in the measure. That results in a varience in thrown charges. If you go up and hit the stop a couple times good the powder will settle into the cavity awfully close to the same every time. I have done that experimenting a couple time's and I can say without doubt, it works!

I intentionally throw chgs light and trickle up because I don't always work the measure the same and I know it. I have always thrown ball powder's for my handguns right into the cases once the measure was set. Probably the wrong thing to do and pistol powder's I use are fast enough to have a bit wrong chg meaning big trouble. Never have had a problen. Of course using ball rifle powder's I revert back to light throw's and trickle up. Just makes me feel better. Think about the progressive press's. You don't weigh each charge reguardless of type. You just mset it sot you get a charge that weight's right an then throw every round with bulk measure!

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I read a article years ago in

I read a article years ago in a shooting magazine about the argument between measuring every load or just going with what the powder dispenser dropped for a given load.  They came up with the conclusion that you don't have to measure every load to make sure that it is on the money.  They also found out that the fps variations were very low along with the accuracy being just as good with the powder dispenser dump as compared to a measured load. 

Now after saying that I usually dump low and trickle my powder up to the prescribed weight for my rifles but for my hand guns I just dump it into the case and measure about every 20 rounds just to make sure that I am in the ball park.  I have found out that if I do measure every round then the extreme fps spread from one round to the other is very slight or within 5 fps from round to round but the accuracy stays the same if I do my part, and all of this has been done with a RCBS beam scale. 

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Groovy Mike---You can go

Groovy Mike---You can go right on the RCBS website and they tell you how to calibrate their digital scales with step by step instructions.

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