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Powder Burn Rates and Pressures

With all things being equal , would 2 different powders with the same burn rate or close, have close to the same pressures?

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maybe, maybe not. I would not

maybe, maybe not. I would not experiment with it. Not many powders I'd substitute for another. Only exception i might suggest is H414 and W760. They are the same powder!

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I would like to find a load with the powders I have. They are close to other powders with the same burn rate. I know I can't use the exact data from one to another and will have to do my normal work ups. I have a really short barrel at 22 inches. 24 with the brake. Should I lean more towards a slower burning powder or go the other way for a little fast burning one since my barrel is so short. I used h-1000 before and was accurate, but I was only getting 3100 fps with a 168gr bullet out of a 30-8mm. I have a small amount of h-1000, but I have more Retumbo, H-4350, H-4831, H-414 and would like to find a strong load with those. Retunbo a slower burn then H-1000 and the rest are a little faster.My barrel length is not helping with FPS and that may be my high. I would like to get 3200 fps with a very accurate load. I have found some data with Rl22 and 25 and one with IMR 4350. The only one with 3100 fps was pushing a 200 gr pill.

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From everything that I have

From everything that I have read in all the reloading manuals that I have and all the magazines that I used to take is that you are asking for problems if you try to substitute powders even if they have the same burn rate. I believe that all the manufactures use pressure barrels for their initial work ups for the loads that they give, and those barrels will sustain a lot more pressure than a regular rifle barrel ever would.

Now if you can find a load for powder X that you have then you can start to work up a load. That is the sad thing about having to buy powders in a 1 lb can minimum. I have however seen some in 1/2 lb cans but no dealer likes to stock them. This is one sad thing that us reloaders need to bear. I know that I have given away more powder than I should after I read about how great it was and then tried it and found out that I couldn't get what I wanted out of it.

In the mean time I have settled on just a few powders for all of my rifles. They give great accuracy and are near the max for velocity. One load is with RL22. I had been using IMR4831 but I started to see pressure signs on the brass so I backed the powder charge off a little. Then I tried some RL22 and found that I could surpass the velocity that I was getting with the IMR4831 with no pressure signs and this was in my .340 Weatherby with a 22" barrel.

I also found out one thing about powders and that is that they make good fertlizer for the flower beds around my home. A little bit expensive but if you can't even give them away you need to do something with them.

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