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Poudre Canyon

How's the burn been affecting the hunting up the Poudre. I'm one of those dreaded non-residents (born and raised in Fort Collins though) and have hunted the Poudre for close to 30 years now. I'm flying into Denver on Friday and won't have any idea about the area until Saturday morning. I used to hunt the Waterworks, Seaman Reservoir area, but I understand that area is as burnt as toast. Plans were to head up above Kelly Flats towards Indian Meadows and see if they were pushed into that area. Any ideas that you guys want to share? I shot a nice buck just below the Narrows last year. Thanks

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It is burned

But it's not all torched.  Some good forage coming in underneath, much of it probably cheat grass, but at least it's green this time of year.  

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We filled both our deer tags

We filled both our deer tags (2x3 and a 4x5). We started out hunting in the areas that weren't burned, but all we found were other hunters. When we hunted the burn, we found nice populations of deer along with some good bucks. I was surprised to see several bighorn sheep down around Greyrock Mountain. They must have been pushed down by the fire.

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Congrats on filling the buck tags ! Also glad to hear of some decent deer numbers in there still.

Where's the pics ! Yes

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