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posting pic's

Can someone tell me how to post pic's in here? Hiker posted some pic's for me and im grateful. But i'd like to figure it out myself. Thanks.

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posting pic's

When posting a reply or starting a new post use the Browse to find your pic, make sure the size is under 1MB and then click Add Attachment and Submit.

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posting pic's

Mig-hunter, do you need more help?

On this forum, posting a photo is called "add attachment", the buttons/boxes to add the photo are below the area where you type your post. If you are on a slow connection, it could take a while to upload your photo, so give it a few minutes. It also helps to reduce the overall file size of your image.

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posting pic's

Mig Hunter,

In my computer is a thing called HP photo & imaging. If you have that and to make your photo's load easier, go there. You probally have something like it.

Anyway, get there and get the photo in you want to re-size and pull it up. Then click on "edit". It'll come up by itself and down the right side will be a bunch of stuff you can do. Go there and click on "re-size". Now a box will come up to he left and one will show you the size the photo currently is. It has little up and down buttons there and when you move the width, the height moves at the same time. I run it down until it reads 600 x 399 and the photos not only reload fast but they don't screw up everyone screen trying to get them in here. Wher you close that you'll see a "save" and a "save as". Click "save as" and just type in what you have on the origional with "re-sized". That way it will keep the origional so you can blow it up if you want to and give you a second photo that's easy to send.

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