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Post your Pic Hog Gallery

Here are a couple.

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Whats up fellers...pretty awesome pics you boys are posting...I have yet to kill my first one but have a ton of pics of some hogs...including one I think is a hoss....I would love some of your opinions or estimates on how big this hog is.....See how close your estimates are with my own.. Thumbs up Heres 2 pics of mr big and one of another hog in the same place for comparison sake...

52109powerline 956.JPG
52109powerline 956.JPG1.03 MB
52109powerline 841.JPG
52109powerline 841.JPG1.07 MB
52109powerline 840.JPG
52109powerline 840.JPG1.07 MB
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I'd guess around 250 lbs.

I'd guess around 250 lbs. What part of NC?

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Post your Pic Hog Gallery

This little guy thought he could escape into some tall wild oats. It was a super hot day and was going to be hiking some hills . Decided to take the Encore pistol in .22-250 remington shooting a 60 grain partition. Minimal meat damage but lungs and heart were soup. Pig walked about 10 feet in a circle then fell over dead. Brined in a cooler for 3 days then smothered it in blackberry honey and put in the smoker.

little pig little pic.jpg
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Post your Pic Hog Gallery

hey guys new to the forum here are some we got at the begining of 09

hahahaha notic my eye patch is on difernt eyes i had double vision and could only see out of one eye at a time

more to come

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Some great looking hogs you guy!!

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