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Possums Sask WT 2012

Well it's been tough going here since oct 15 when we got our first snowfall, and after i had my moose in the frezzer it was time to get out for some deer hunting.
We hunted hard and pushed a lot of bush but never did find any big deer, but we seen LOTS of coyotes. This particular day started with our morning tour and then it was into the bush to push the deer.
It was my turn to post so i was walking to get onto position and as i rounded a small poplar bluff there he was standing there. Not much of a story but with all the snow we have it was tough to get around on foot or in a vehicle to even get to the spots. Good thing i had my shooting sticks, and a good team effort.
All in ALL it's been a tough season, and there will be plenty of tags that go unfilled in the province

The lone deer in the bottom pic is one my partner got a couple days later.

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Nice!!! We didn't see anything even close to that up our way this year; saw x2 decent 4's a long way off (+500yds) from the truck while driving to/from town (nowhere near our farm) - never evn saw a 5 period. I'm real glad your season turned around for you.

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Couple of bruisers right

Couple of bruisers right there! Congrats!

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After our last winter I am

After our last winter I am thinking that the upcoming season will be a tough one. Deer numbers are way down in my area and it will likely not be as easy to find a good deer this fall. But here's hoping that a few old boys made it through winter to provide some opportunity to get a good one