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Possible Hawaii hunting suggestions

How is this going to effect or is it affect? all the business in Hawaii now hotels, restaurants, stores. Is this going to cause big layoffs for the people living there?

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Re: Possible Hawaii hunting suggestions?

New to this online thing.....booking a trip next yearto Maui and want to bow hunt. Is there a list of guides or private individuals that a guy could hunt with? From what I am seeing there is only two outfitters. Any suggestions?

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Arrow one ranch and hawaii

Arrow one ranch and hawaii safaris offer guided hunts on maui.  prices are reasonable.  If you wanna do a DYI hunt Maui has alot of public land to hunt on. Out of state license runs about 100 bucks no tags required. The hawaii DLNR site may help you out a little.  but like all public land hunts scouting is key. if you're straped for time going with a guide may be the way to go.

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