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Poaching in Southwest Utah

Here is another poached deer that was turned in and is now in the hands of the Utah DWR.  It happened in Iron county down around Ceadar City.  It is too bad that the poachers got away for now and I can only hope that the ones that turned them in got their license plate number. 



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Your right, hopefullly they

Your right, hopefullly they have enough information to catch the jerks that do this kind of stuff. We have had quite a few here in the news tha last couple of weeks as well. From Rifle to parachute and almost everywhere else around the state. Unfortunately most of these cases don't get solved and the poachers get away.

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Very sad, but unfortunately,

Very sad, but unfortunately, it will continue to happen.  To much land, and too few agents.  In cases like this, unless there is some sort of ballistic match or there were witnesses, then there will be little to no chance that this person gets caught.  The only thing we can hope for is that they slip up and get caught red handed, or someone else who knows them turns them in.

Then it's the court's job to stick it to them, and maybe deter them from doing it again in the future.  That's a heck of a deer, not to mention a smaller buck was also shot.  They robbed some other hunter of a true trophy, or other citizens from just being able to observe a great animal.

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That is a really nice deer

That is a really nice deer that a couple of jerkto out of the hands of a true outdorrs man.  Sounds like they have some info to go on and maube that will lead to addtional information.  Hopefully they can bring thse guys to justice and throw a heavy book at them.  Yet again I hat that these people call themselves hunters because as always they give all of us ethical hunters a bad name.

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What a shame.  Such a great

What a shame.  Such a great deer to end up as a headline in the DOW poaching press release.  I too hope they catch the guys and throw the book at them.  Hunting is a priviledge and should be treated as such.  

It's really depressing to hear about this kind of thing happening so much.

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 Yes - what a shame. If these

 Yes - what a shame. If these same people would spend half the time and effort doing something good that it takes to locate and poach a big buck like this, they'd be much further ahead. Most people who violate the laws could be very sucessful doing something honest and beneficial to their families if they would only apply themselves to it.

 We can only hope that they are caught and prosecuted.


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  I'm just glad these


I'm just glad these poachers were not able to take that deer with them.  An excellent trophy like that does not belong on the wall of a poachers home.  From the information provided it sounds as if there were some pretty good witnesses.  Hopefully they did provide enough description that these idiots are caught and prosecuted.  Does Utah have an equivalent Colorado "Sampson" law that poached trophy animals carry a much stiffer fine?  Hopefully they do here in this case as these guys all need to made an example of and pay a hefty price.


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