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Plans for this years hunt"s"?

Well, In Colorado my season will pretty much be filled with grouse since I do not have enough points to draw deer or elk. Thats ok, the grouse area we have was full of them last year and the shotgun barrels were kept warm for 6 days. I am going a little cocky this year as I found a rare CVA Hawken 12g shotgun which I still have to order a stock for and put together. I've shot it already and that is just a TON of fun! I can't wait to drop a grouse in the air and see that cloud of smoke and a bird flopping on the ground.

My season is not all shot for deer since I put in for New Mexicos muzzleloader buck hunt. I drew a pretty darn good unit that my brother in law has hunted since his teens and I've gone to since I was 12. I know the spots for good bucks but when the time comes, Any legal buck will do and I will be grateful.

I built up a CVA Hawken .58cal a couple years ago and I plan on using that as my main hunting rifle. I can only hope for a  nice buck!

So, what is everyone elses plans?

Shame the forum isn't active, I have a lot of good memories on here.



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